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CAM - Centre for Applied Management for small and medium-sized enterprises

This creates a mutual benefit, based on knowledge and experience, for both parts. CAM brings the University closer to the companies, contributes to their growth and development, and raises the problems of the companies into the light of science – common profit for a prosperous region.

CAM Research

CAM carries on research withinbusiness development in small and medium-sizedcompanies. In collaboration with the companies CAM brings business-related problems to the University for research within the fields of technology, economics and management. Then CAM brings the results and solutions into line with the companies themselves, which become useful aids, tools and methods to help them in their development and growth.

CAM Student projects

CAM arranges student projects for Industrial Engineering and Managements students and other master of science programmes. For small and medium sized companies, this is a chance to let students carry out different kinds of projects while making problems and hidden opportunities visible.

The student projects brings the companies closer to the University, which in turn enables future academic recruitment. It is also a great opportunity for students to apply their theoretical studies and get an overall picture and deeper understanding for the companies’ situation. Furthermore, it gives them a perfect grounding for their future careers.




Postal address

Linköpings universitet
581 83 Linköping

Visiting address

CAMmaren (room:2A:950)
Department of Managment and Engineering (IEI - Institutionen för industriell och ekonomisk utveckling)
A-building, enterance 13-15, Corridor A
Campus Valla

Phone och fax

Head of Centre:
Tomas Nord
+46(0)13-28 2878

Karin Fredriksson
+46(0)13-28 1551

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